Decent Apps

Decent Apps Ltd focuses on building utility for the Pi Network™ blockchain. We are the creators of the Pi Webinars and Pi eCard dApps.

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Our dApps

Pi eCard

Pi eCard is the one-stop utility where you can easily Send & Spend your Pi. Our convenient off-chain transactions allow the use of simple, scannable QR codes, or URLs to invoice other Pioneers.

How it Works:

Pi eCard is a simple, easy to use payment solution for the Pi Network. Users can send and receive Pi using a simple QR code or URL. This creates a versitile Pi payment tool for Pioneers to use their Pi in exchange for real world goods.

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Pi Webinars

Pi Webinars is one of the first dedicated DeEd (Decentralised Education) platforms and the winner of an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Pi Hackathon. Our aim is to make online education accessible to everyone, with the aid of blockchain.

How it Works:

Users can upload their videos to the Pi Webinars platform and receive Pi everytime their content is purchased. The more purchases, the more Pi you earn. Content can be formalised into courses to share knowledge with the world.

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